PRM, Inc. Employees

Premium Resource Management, Inc. Team

Sheila Harms-Jackson, Administrative Manager

Michael Manning, General Manager

Nancy Hill, LCAM, Group Manager

Jeff Heffner, Network & Data Systems Manager

Diane Minutillo, Administrative Staff

Kerry Minar, Accounting Staff

Leslie Armstrong, Accounting Staff

Mauri Zaccagnino, Manager-Accounting and Internal Audit

Laura Paolercio, CPA, Corporate

Marge Stauffer, LCAM, Accounting Staff

Earl Stauffer, Client Site Maintenance, Casa del Sol Condominium

Ann Hartley, Client Site Office Manager

Pat Hudome, CAM, Client Site Office Manager

In Memory of Colleagues:
Margaret Alger, Glen Hartley, & Sally Hershberger

Phone: 1.941.359.4876
Fax: 1.941.360.9773
1877 Northgate Blvd. Suite 4
Sarasota, FL 34234